Splash into Savings

Maintaining a regular savings account allows you to work towards your financial goals and gives you peace of mind. Saving in difficult times is hard. Make it easier by committing yourself to savings regularly by setting up a direct salary deposit form.

Need a flexible savings account without all the fees associated with a Bank?

First Federal Credit Union has the savings scheme that’s right for you.

Whether you are saving for the future, a special occasion or just for a “rainy day” having a regular savings, without having to worry about unnecessary fees is a good idea.

When you save regularly at First Federal Credit Union you are more than just a customer. You are part-owner of a successful financial institution that looks after your financial needs.

As a member, you have equal rights to vote and can participate in decisions affecting your Credit Union

  • Save as little or as much as you can afford;
  • No hidden charges or fees on any transactions;
  • Credit Unions are mutual organisations-members savings are pooled to provide the resources for lending to other members; and
  • Depending on reserves, shares are eligible for an annual dividend.

You can withdraw as often as you want from your regular savings account WITHOUT being charged any fees. However, you are encouraged to keep your savings intact so that:

  • Your money can earn interest
  • You can use your savings to secure a Loan
  • You have available funds for emergency situations
  •  The easiest way to save regularly is via direct salary deposit 
  • Simply complete the form, take it to your employer and your money will be forwarded directly from your salary
  • If you are self-employed you can deposit funds at any of our offices during regular working hours
  • Have monies sent from your “other bank” to your First Federal Credit Union Savings Accounts by completing a Standing Order form 
  • It you are overseas you can send monies to your account via wire transfer. Please contact our offices for more information on wire transfers.
  • Whys should I save my Money with First Federal Credit Union
  • First Federal Credit Union offers flexible savings accounts that lets you save any amount you can, when you can and without fees and charges

Requirement to Open

  • Membership to FFCU
  • 2 Government official  picture IDs
  • Signature on specimen card
  • Proof of Address no later than 3 months. This can be a utility bill or a bank statement from another institution.
  • Complete ‘Disclosure Agreement’
  • Complete ‘PEP Form’ and ‘Authorization and Indemnity Form’

Extra Benefits

  • Direct Salary deposit available to encourage savings
  • Competitive rate of return
  • Funds may be used as collateral for loans