To People

Through our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility we look for ways to broaden our focus on community, environment and volunteerism. First Federal demonstrates leadership and commitment to the communities it serves through ongoing support to charitable, non profit and community organizations throughout St. Kitts and Nevis. We fulfill this commitment by:

  • donating a portion of our annual profits to charitable, non profit organizations of our choice
  • Encouraging our employees to volunteer their time and expertise to charitable/non profit organizations
  • Providing a platform for volunteerism by offering opportunities for members to serve on our boards/committees
  • Seeking opportunities to partner with other like minded entities

Sharing our business expertise and premises with the communities we serve

To environmental sustainability

As a financial institution,  we understand the impact our operations have on the environment. But our scale also enables us to take measurable action to reduce these impacts – through our own efficiency, with new technologies and by influencing our members we have implemented small measures that make a big impact. In addition, our employees have a key role to play in reducing our environmental impact by digitizing key processes, we are empowering them to make a difference. First Federal  is committed to improving the environment in how we approach our business strategy, work with partners, support our employees, make our operations more sustainable, manage issues and govern our activities.

At the cornerstone of this initiative is our transition towards online banking and providing online statements. We’ve invested in technology so that our members can access their accounts, whether in the comfort of their homes or as they enter our doors at our self-service kiosks.