A Variety of Loan Options to Meet all Your Need

The FND Enterprise Cooperative Credit Union requires that the following basic information be reviewed concerning the legal status of all loan applicants:


  • Full name, address, telephone number
  • Name of reference/referee, if not previously known
  • Particulars of business in which person is involved – past and present.


Sole Traders

  • Registration name of sole trader, may be own name or a trading name
  • Date of registration and a copy of certificate
  • Bankers to business



  • Partnership agreement
  • Notification if there are any limitations for any partner
  • List of all partners, including silent partners
  • Bankers to business



  • Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Extract of:

(a)     Authority to

(i)      borrow

(ii)      pledge assets

(iii)     guarantee

(b)     Powers to sign on behalf of company

(c)     Resolution to borrow from The Credit Union and to pledge assets; indication of capacity of persons to complete the transactions.

  • Name of bankers to the Company
  • Indication as to whether the Company is limited or unlimited in liability
  • List of all directors and officers
  • If possible with small companies, list of shareholders



  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Rules and Regulations
  • Up to date list of officers (if possible, a copy of resolution appointing them)
  • Resolution permitting entity to approach The Credit Union for a loan


Friendly Societies/Clubs Associations  

  • Copy of Rules and Regulations
  • Up to date list of officers