First Federal Credit Union Chequing is Here!

If you’re looking for a chequing account that offers lots of added benefits but not a lot of added fees, look no further. A FFCU chequing account is for you!

The basics of a Chequing Account.

A FFCU Chequing Account gives you convenient, 24/7 access to your money. You have the freedom and flexibility to make major purchases without having to carry around large amounts of cash. You can also have your salary deposited directly into your checking account.

Chequing accounts are sometimes referred to as current accounts. They are used to manage your day-to-day spending and use of your money. They usually offer

  • A cheque Book –  to keep records
  • Standing orders (regular set payments from your account to someone of your choice.)
  • Overdraft facility – the bank may allow you to go overdrawn up to a certain amount; but you need to arrange this in advance and charges apply (you pay extra charges if you go overdrawn without an agreement)
  • Some current accounts pay interest on money you leave in the account, but the rate is usually low.
  • Automatic Transfer – money can be transferred from your savings account to your chequing account at specified dates. This will ensure that you always have available funds at your disposal
  • Regular monthly statements – allows you to review and track your spending pattern.

To avoid unnecessary charges you should

Know how much money you have in your account

Keep track of things like direct debits and cheques which may take you by surprise