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FND is now First Federal Credit Union!

The Foundation for National Development (FND) opened its doors in 1985.  As a not-for-profit entity with funding provided by CIDA & USAID, the institution’s purpose was to provide small businesses with financing, technical assistance and operational training, thereby bridging the funding gap between the commercial banks and micro businesses/entrepreneurs.   To provide additional support to micro businesses, the FND guaranteed loans made by traditional credit sources (Banks and Credit Unions). FND’s regular clientele included farmers, fishermen, hairstylists, truckers, motor mechanics, store owners etc.

In response to economic changes and changes in demand from members, in 2009 FND boldly moved forward to become a credit union and became FND Enterprise Co-operative Credit Union Limited.  The FND Enterprise Co-operative Credit Union adapted the mission “building financially stronger communities by safeguarding members’ investment and exceeding member expectations through professional, convenient and courteous service.” 

In  July 2019, the institution changed its name to First Federal Co-operative Credit Union Limited to reflect the vision of the founders, to be the first Credit Union to establish a presence in both St. Kitts and Nevis. Ten years on, with the vision to be the First Choice’ in business and financial services, First Federal Co-operative Credit Union Limited developed a suite of product and services that responds to the changing needs of its expanding membership.

It continues to remain the only Credit Union to have that distinction!

Making financial success first nature

Fostering the financial growth of a community of members by encouraging thrift, designing custom tailored products and creating wealth.

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Our Values



We Understand and show consideration to our members, officers and colleagues



Wepractice sound moral and ethical principles at all times



Weare dedicated and work with passion and enthusiasm to always deliver the best quality possible.



We insist on truthfulness with each other, with our members, with our officers, with our colleagues and in our business dealings. We expect and value openness.